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Payment of miscellaneous may be made in any Metrobank Branch via the OTC Facility.  Metrobank account holders or not can pay via this facility. 

  1. Go to the nearest / most convenient Metrobank Trust Co. (MBTC) Branch. 

  2. Get a copy of Metrobank’s “Payment Slip” and accomplish the required information/details; 
    A. Company Name: Ateneo De Manila University 
    B. Subscriber Name: Name of paying CLIENT (Last Name, First Name) (The name that will appear in the Official Receipt) 
    C. Reference No.: Registration Fee for PBO
    D. Subscriber No.: 221-078-006 
    E. Mode of Payment: Cash / Check / Debit account 

For check payment, please write down the following details at the back of the check: 

      Student’s Complete Name 

      Student’s ID number 
      Contact numbers
F. Amount of payment: PhPxxx.xx 

3. Present payment slip to MBTC tellers together with cash/check. 

4. Once validated, MBTC Teller will give Ateneo De Manila University client/client representative a validated copy. 
5. Before leaving, Check & verify the copy received (Payment slip serves as proof of payment); 

  1. if validated. 

  2. and, if the copy was the one accomplished & presented to the Bank teller 6. Present the validated copy of the payment slip as you claim the Official Receipt from Ateneo de  Manila University authorized representative or cashier


NOTE: Slips are to be accomplished in duplicate copies. 

  • 1st copy- Bank copy 

  • 2nd copy- Client’s copy 


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