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Payment of miscellaneous may be made in any Bank of the Philippine Islands Branch via the OTC  Facility. BPI account holders or not can pay via this facility. 

  1. Go to the nearest Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) Branch. 

  2. Go to the BPI Express Assist Machine. 

  3. Select Bills Payment. 

  4. Select “Other Merchants” to pay for Ateneo de Manila University. 

  5. Enter the reference number: 221-078-006. 

  6. Choose the mode of payment (cash/check). 
    Note: For check payment, please write down the following details at the back of the  check: 

    • Student’s Complete Name 

    • Student’s ID number 

    • Contact numbers

  7. Enter amount to be paid. 

  8. Encoded transaction details will be displayed. If correct, tap NEXT. If not, click CANCEL. 

  9. If single transaction, select NO. For multiple transactions, select YES. 

  10. Queue Number will be displayed and printed 

  11. Once a teller is available, approach the designated counter that will be flashed on the board next to your Queue Number. 

  12. 12. Teller will ask for the name of the Merchant you wish to pay. Simply state Ateneo Miscellaneous Units or AMISCU and the Payor name to which the receipt will be issued to proceed with the payment. 

  13. Hand over the payment to the teller and receive the validated deposit slip as proof of payment. 

  14. Present the validated copy of the payment slip as you claim the Official Receipt from Ateneo de Manila University authorized representative or Cashier.


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